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Introducing the GMO Wiki! As you know you play SM64 in Project 64. Now you can play as GMO.


Go to Project 64


Press "Open" and Choose "Super Mario 64 (U)"


Go to "Cheats" and Mark all of the codes


Play as GMO. Here's a code

8107EC20 C161

8107EC22 0000

8107EC24 C161

8107EC26 0000

8107EC28 C161

8107EC2A 0000

8107EC2C C161

8107EC2E 0000

8107EC38 0000

8107EC3A B000

8107EC3C 0000

8107EC3E B000

8107EC40 0000

8107EC42 B000

8107EC44 0000

8107EC46 B000

8107EC50 7F7F

8107EC52 7F00

8107EC54 7F7F

8107EC56 7F00

8107EC58 7F7F

8107EC5A 7F00

8107EC5C 7F7F

8107EC5E 7F00

8107EC68 390E

8107EC6A 0700

8107EC6C 390E

8107EC6E 0700

8107EC70 390E

8107EC72 0700

8107EC74 390E

8107EC76 0700

8107EC80 A97E

8107EC82 5000

8107EC84 A97E

8107EC86 5000

8107EC88 A97E

8107EC8A 5000

8107EC8C A97E

8107EC8E 5000

8107EC98 3903

8107EC9A 0000

8107EC9C 3903

8107EC9E 0000

8107ECA0 3903

8107ECA2 0000

8107ECA4 3903

8107ECA6 0000


You can now play as GMO in SM64

Download Link:

Enjoy ;)

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